Brewsters Billions

5 Billion times 30 white guys 150 billion.

The US Government, Wall Street, Banks, Billionaires…. are waging war on poor people and small business.

The Wealthiest 30 in America #1 is at 184 billion, #30 clocking in at 40 billion.

By noon tomorrow each could spend 5 Billion or the equivalent of a “normal” humans couch cushion change and actually change the world. Will they? Or will they continue to launder it thru real estate, no show jobs, charities with family/friends on payroll…..

Let’s break down the numbers

5 billion / $10,000 = 500,000 cars
5 billion / $10,000 = 500,000 small business rents for a year
5 billion / $10,000 = 500,000 down payments for home ownership

If each of the top 30 dug deep and actually cared about humanity and spent 150 billion by this time next week.

50 billion on cars

50 billion on small business rents

50 billion on down payments for home ownership

150 billion

5 million cars. A Trip to every small used car lot, purchase every car 10K or less, inventory only available for the zip code or surrounding zip codes it was purchased from.100,000 people in each state could get much need transportation, become mobile & have their lives changed. The goes to the single mothers. It’s not rocket science

Same with small restaurants, 100,000 per state could be saved.

Grants for minorities or even their employees to use towards purchasing a home another 100,000 people per state.

All quick napkin math of course but 15 million HUMANS could have new lives by noon tomorrow & all it would take is 30 people to take action.


Governments turn now.

Besides the fact that 3 TRILLION is enough to give 150 million people $20,000 yet they got $1200 or less begs the question where did the other 2.8 trillion go? Rhetorical it went to bailing out the same “companies”, banks, airlines, wall street. I think for a few weeks the fed was pumping a half – 1 trillion EVERY NIGHT into the credit markets and to prop the now at record high stock market up.

Anyhoo everyone who got a check last time was poor, pretty sure they still are so just duplicate that boom 180 Billion.

I am told everyone who got a $150,000 or less PPP loan will have it forgiven. They have accounts just approve them for same amount, same terms, let it know it probably won’t be forgiven and boom there 4.2 million small business loans that could be distributed within a week. Those 4.2 million individual loans amount to only 26% of the money loaned through the program.

Those on unemployment come up with a number $200-600 weekly and extend it least 6 months.

Meanwhile gig apps are literally modern day slavery, criminal executives brogramming labor laws & crime into apps, offering the equivalent of $2-4 an hour or worse to 10 people knowing 1 or more are desperate or ignorant enough to accept it,  apparently labor (HUMAN) trafficking is disruptive.

Labor trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which individuals perform labor or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion

Labor trafficking in the United States is a form of human trafficking where victims are made to perform a task through force, fraud or coercion as it occurs in the United States.

Pretty sure hiding & purposefully degrading contracts (ride / delivery requests) by using game developers and neuro scientists that manipulate labor into working for free or illegal wages is fraud, but apparently that above my pay grade and apps can rob and steal a minimum $4 per labor request millions of times per day using code instead of a gun.

I don’t have enough money to go to war with billionaires or millionaires, fortunately like juicy j I’m still spending paper I made in the 90s, & secured a great view to watch the world burn.

Everywhere the actual truth or facts gets posted it gets banned, censored, or hidden by bots I said my peace…. I’m also not saying the above will change the world or work it’s just what 5-30 people could do by noon tomorrow.

BTW  the 300 million in Brewsters Millions is what uber burns (launders, bribes, no show, jobs every 10 DAYS and has for half a decade because you can “lose” 24 BILLION never make a penny profit and be “worth” 100 billion in amerikkka.

In no universe should these gig apps be legal. Every single “human” involved with uber, lyft, door dash, grub hub, postmates, insta cart, shipt…. belongs in a prison cell for life. But here we are and they’re actually publicly traded “companies”

1Jeff Bezos$184.5 B▶ $188 M | 0.10%56AmazonUnited States
3Elon Musk$141.8 B▶ $920 M | -0.64%49Tesla, SpaceXUnited States
4Bill Gates$119.3 B▶ $855 M | 0.72%65MicrosoftUnited States
5Mark Zuckerberg$100.8 B▶ $42 M | 0.04%36FacebookUnited States
6Warren Buffett$84.8 B▶ $386 M | 0.46%90Berkshire HathawayUnited States
7Larry Ellison$84.2 B▶ $1.2 B | 1.49%76softwareUnited States
8Larry Page$77.6 B▶ $219 M | 0.28%47GoogleUnited States
10Sergey Brin$75.4 B▶ $210 M | 0.28%47GoogleUnited States
12Steve Ballmer$72.9 B▶ $53 M | -0.07%64MicrosoftUnited States
14Alice Walton$68.0 B▶ $22 M | -0.03%71WalmartUnited States
15Jim Walton$67.8 B▶ $22 M | -0.03%72WalmartUnited States
16Rob Walton$67.4 B▶ $18 M | -0.03%76WalmartUnited States
20MacKenzie Scott$55.8 B▶ $62 M | 0.11%50AmazonUnited States
22Michael Bloomberg$54.9 B $078Bloomberg LPUnited States
23Phil Knight & family$52.2 B▶ $877 M | 1.71%82NikeUnited States
25Daniel Gilbert$46.7 B▶ $739 M | 1.61%58Quicken LoansUnited States
27Charles Koch$44.9 B $085Koch IndustriesUnited States
27Julia Koch & family$44.9 B $058Koch IndustriesUnited States
30Michael Dell$40.6 B▶ $467 M | 1.16%55Dell computersUnited States

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